Topview on a desk with laptop, tablet and smartphone laying beside a BRAILLEX Line 20 braille device

Presently, our daily life is defined by continuous availability.
Thanks to our three BRAILLEX Live-models, we have developed a line which meets the technical requirements of a blind person‘s everyday life. It is the perfect assistive device for every one in connection with a smartphone and/or a laptop. Discover our Live-family more closely.


Features Live Live+ Live20
Reading height/writing height 18mm/23mm 18mm/23mm 18mm/23mm
Number of Braille cells 40 40 20
Surface of cell caps flat or concave flat or concave flat or concave
Adjustable Braille dot firmness yes yes yes
Routing keys per cell 1 1 1
Type of keyboard Braille QWERTZ Braille
4-step Easy Access Bar yes yes yes
Modular operating modes of
the Easy Access Bar
3 3 3
Ports USB & Bluetooth USB & Bluetooth USB & Bluetooth
Operation mode battery & cable battery & cable battery & cable
Optimised field of application smartphone, tablet & notebook smartphone, tablet & notebook smartphone & tablet






  • Simultaneous Operation of two devices by means of both ports
  • Compatible with JAWS, SuperNova, WindowEyes, NVDA, Apple VoiceOver and Google Talkback
  • One-hand-operation thanks to the patented Easy Access Bar
  • Pleasant reading experience and relaxed reading position

Technical data (Live; Live+; Live20)

  • Dimensions (w x l x h): 298 x 115 x 18/23 mm; 298 x 186 x 18/23 mm; 170 x 111 x 18/23 mm
  • Weight: (incl. battery) 900 g; 1200 g; 547 g
  • Number of Braille cells: 40; 40; 20
  • Battery capacity: > 20 hours
  • Compatibility: All common operating systems

Ships with the following components

  • Live-Device
  • User's manual
  • Case
  • Power supply unit
  • USB connection cable


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