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Categorie: Workplace equipment

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We see ourselves as a solution provider, especially in the area of equipping workstations for blind and visually impaired employees. We accompany our customers all the way, from the analysis of the current workplace and the needs of the user, through the consultation and compilation of an individual range of aids to setting up the new workplace and training the user in handling the new technology.

We have a wide variety of services and products on offer for the individual project phases, and our medical device consultants are always the point of contact and problem solver for everyone involved in the project. Further information can be found on the following sub-pages.

Categorie: Braille displays

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In 1975 we presented the first BRAILLEX device to the public. In the meantime we have released many different models and have continued to develop our braille displays. Quality and the production "Made in Germany" have always been important pillars for us.

We have different models that are adapted to different life situations. Let us advise you and get to know our various Braille displays.

ScreenReader & Magnifying Software

Software view screens of JAWS and ZoomText

In order to be able to use a computer sensibly, the blind and visually impaired need special software programs to display screen contents according to their requirements. This can be done via a so-called screen reader, which reads the screen contents to the blind user, or with enlargement programs that display the screen contents as an individual enlargement or in false colors, depending on the needs of the visually impaired user.

In addition to the standard programs, our experts go one step further and, for example, adapt the JAWS ScreenReader individually to your needs and, above all, to your in-house IT structure. Let us advise you and find your optimal support software.

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