Visually impaired workplaces

Photo: Detail of a pair of glasses with very strong lenses

Everyone is different - these words apply particularly to the visually impaired.

There are many types of visual impairment. Regardless of the diagnosis, almost everyone experiences their visual impairment differently. There are many different effects on orientation and mobility. The working methods of the visually impaired and the limits of their work opportunities and their capabilities cannot be compared with one another.

The right tool means new life prospects and success in everyday life, school, studies and work.

For this reason, visually impaired people should never do without particularly good advice regarding the individual adjustment of the required aids.

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Photo: View over the shoulder of a man in front of a laptop on whose monitor the SuperNova magnification software is running

Magnification software

In order to be able to use a computer sensibly, many visually impaired people need special enlargement programs in order to display screen contents according to their requirements.

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Photo: VISULEX Maki camera with external control and a large monitor to which the image of a postage stamp is transmitted are on a desk

Document reading systems

Camera systems are always used when optical aids are no longer sufficient. The object to be viewed is projected onto a monitor via a camera, greatly enlarged.

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Photo: View of an office, a woman is sitting at a desk and working on the PC, next to her the Waldmann Lavigo desk lamp

Task lights

Eyesight and visual acuity are directly related to the light source used. In several studies with the visually impaired it was found that very good and correct lighting of the reading material leads to improved visual performance.

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Photo: View of a desk with a large font keyboard in front of a monitor with red glasses next to it

More auxiliary hardware

In addition to magnifying aids such as document reading cameras or optimal workplace lighting with floor lamps or table lamps, other aids are useful for easier data entry into the computer.

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Lectures on workplaces for the visually impaired

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