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JAWS has been the world's leading screen reader for Windows for many years. It makes screen information of a PC available to the user in the form of language and braille. Its convincing functionality is constantly being developed by the manufacturer Freedom Scientific in order to provide users with the best possible support in the rapidly advancing digitization of the working world.

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The functionality of JAWS is already quite pronounced, but there are software applications that are difficult or even impossible to use for screen reader users. The reason for this is that the programming of the applications did not pay attention to the accessibility.

Basically, we differentiate between two forms of poorly accessible applications.

1. Inaccessible applications:
Necessary information for using the application with JAWS cannot be read out directly for various reasons.

2. Accessible, but poorly usable applications:
All necessary information for using the application with JAWS is provided, but the information ingestion is inefficient because too many work steps are required or too much superfluous information is provided.

In both cases, adjustments must be made to enable JAWS to communicate with these applications. For certain and comparatively frequent, poorly accessible applications, Papenmeier already offers ready-made adaptations, the so-called Papenmeier JAWS modules. Papenmeier JAWS modules are modular software extensions for JAWS that are intended to improve the usability of certain application software for blind people.

In the first case, the JAWS module determines the required information from the application through appropriate programming. However, this solution is often unsustainable across software versions and requires version-related post-processing unless the manufacturer is willing to revise its application software in a barrier-free manner.

In the second case, the necessary information is automatically presented by the JAWS module in Braille and speech or can be called up with an action. This programming of the JAWS modules is very sustainable, as it can be used over several program versions without any further adjustments.

Individualisierung des JAWS-Moduls

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With our JAWS modules, many applications, such as telephone switchboards, are already fully optimized. The extensions are only installed in the normal full version of JAWS. Additional changes are possible in order to map any individual properties that may exist specifically for the workplace.

Comprehensive customization for the workplace is also necessary if only certain parts of the work processes have already been adapted in very extensive and complex applications. The costs incurred for this also include the documentation for the blind user as well as the data backup of the source code and are therefore a sustainable investment in the stability and efficiency of the workplace.

The aim of a JAWS module   is always an optimized workflow, which should be achieved through a high level of effectiveness, simple handling and a quick and precise reaction of the software. To do this, we focus on the following four points:

  • Combining functions and program sequences within the application increases efficiency
  • Interactions with other applications are provided with simple functions
  • Automatic presentation of important information from the context of the application saves laborious and time-consuming navigation and searches
  • The direct selection from other applications with just one push of a button, e.g. on the Braille display, is only possible with the JAWS module

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